I have found my Art!

Ah! What joy! I’ve managed to discover in the Wretch some sort of worm hole into other spaces, with different dimensions, and best of all… I have been able to find some of the things I was able to create before I wound up here…

[enter search terms here] (SEARCH!)

^see the worm hole?^

yeah… I know, it’s not the wormhole I really used, but you get the idea

Now look at what I have been able to bring back with me! Some of my old artwork!

2 Responses to “I have found my Art!”

  1. wretchedphantasm says:

    You are starting to push it… This space was not designed for your tinkering. You have been brought here for a reason. You don’t remember that, of course.

    – The Wretched Phantasm

    • Squee says:

      What the fuck are you talking about …what reason? Where the hell did you come from anyways? Who are you?

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