Murder: A Guided Meditation (for inconsiderate audio)

Begins @ 28:40

This is a guided meditation to purify the root chakra

Close your eyes and get comfortable, it doesn’t matter how you’re sitting

We will begin shortly…

Notice your breath

The waves of universal energy flowing in through your nose

And out through your mouth

Feel the energy moving through you

Nurturing your whole body

Every muscle …every organ …every cell

You are a child of the cosmos
Let your legs relax

Your stomach and back

Your shoulders and arms

Your neck

And all of the tiney muscles in your face…
Take a few moments to just be


Begin to focus your divine attention on your paraneum

Imagine a white, pulsating orb of light growing in, around, and through your taint

Let it do the work of God, cleansing out all of the negative energy

Let it just fade away on its own and know that you are being watched over

By something much greater than yourself


We’re going to find a place now where you can experience your new self

Your higher self…


Let yourself be taken by this greater force into a small room

The air is still, television light flickering

Notice the person sitting next to you

Feel your empathic connection with them

They’re here to help you

Feel the layers of their being

The strong, mechanical motions of their body

The projection of their loving spirit

The stream of thoughts flowing through their consciousness…

They are talking to you

Words which seem to speak from the body

Shut off from the spirit and the consciousness

And you can’t understand what these words are

The words mean nothing to you
You can’t hear them, but they feel stupid


Notice your hands

They’re anxiously cradling a knife

It’s a knife you know …that feels like an old friend

And you’re staring at the idiot next to you, blathering


Take a moment to remember that you’re safe

The only things in the world are you
The room and the objects in it

This person next to you
And the admixture of dark and light energy

Tingling your senses


Now notice the layers of your being

As they begin to disappear

No more thinking

No outward cast of emotion filling the aether
Just your body… it’s itches, urges to move, vital kinetic power

And your eyes harden on the sight of the person next to you


Without thought

As they stare forward still talking to no one

Watch your hand gently slide the knife into the supple flesh of their neck

Feel the warm blood cooling as it washes over them

and feel their thoughts begin to swirl down and disappear

Into the excruciating pain of their spirit

While their ridiculess gestures and shrieks fill the room
Watch as the slowly die

And feel how step by step they stop existing as a person

Eventually, blending in with the other objects in the room

Cold, wet, ghastly – but just another object in the room

And notice now how alone you feel
As your throughts return to you

As you remember that you’ve been watched this entire time


All of the shame, guilt, discomfort, and dread you’ve ever know

It is now that it begins to spill into your awareness

Partially aware of your terrible deeds

But even more aware of your own mortality

Acutely aware of your extrordinary confusion…

You don’t know what to do now, with this thing

Should you clean it?

Should you hide it?

Do you know who it was that has been watching?

What will now happen to you?


Now take a few moments to be in this place

Afraid, useless, vulnerable

And when you are ready to come back

Let yourself be slowly carried away from the scene

Back into the room that you have been in this whole time

Back into your body

Your shallow, superficial thoughts

And your desires for mystical experiences


Take a minute to let your breathing slow down again

And then open your eyes to your mundane life
Keeping with you the empty sensation between your genetals and your asshole

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