The Future is DorkLinux

If you didn’t think Linux was dorky enough, you were right! This is a guide dedicated to the full expression of total nerd for *Nix-Craft Masters. Beware! The DorkFu is strong here!

DorkLinux is destroy everything. This must be done before anything else.


1) After you successfully destroy everything, you can build your linux system from scratch …and beyond!

Check it Out!

2) The next thing you will need to do is immediately install the New Adventure Shell so that you have an official DorkLinux shell environment (see image below):


3) Finally, no DorkLinux would be complete without a 3D Desktop Environment, for this you will need to configure Project Looking Glass as your default X-windows server:


It behaves as beautifully as it looks…


Those are the 3 major steps. Once this is complete, you can download and install Second Life (use either Singularity Viewer: or Phoenix Firestorm Viewer: )…



…and if your dork STILL isn’t satisfied, you can download steam and pick up Rube Works, a game based on the genius of Rube Goldberg


Happy Dorking!

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