Welcome to the Blog of Eternal Wretch

Once upon the gooey mess of Dali’s melting clocks, amidst the rubble of the Anti-War movement and beneath the scorching sun of a globally burning Earth …a wretched phantasm was summoned. We know not how or why this came to be, we dare not ask ourselves the reasons for which we have been chosen. One by one, we found ourselves in this other dimension… brought here by this wretched phantasm. It is a place we have been calling the Eternal Wretch. Herein, we have found it best to remain close to the b(l)og. For it is through this b(l)og we can still gain access to your world, we can communicate our ongoing struggle to return.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the Blog of Eternal Wretch”

  1. Squee says:

    What in the fuck are you?

  2. The Wretched Phantasm says:

    I already told you, a wretched phantasm… duh!

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