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  1. Dane says:

    Hey Squee,

    Making sure you got my email.


  2. Theo says:

    (can’t find a contact for you so I’ll just leave this here)

    Hey Squee,

    I’ve been quietly fanboying you in the shadows for some time, so apologies if this email comes from left side, as I have a hundred assumptions from reading your work that I have no real basis for in reality. So a bit about me to help you level the field, I’m hoping to put together a zine of collected short stories told in first person, I used an excerpt of your article pathological anarchist in my last zine because it really helped me put into perspective how I relate to the world and people relate to me in return.

    This new zine is going to be called ‘Activist Journeys’ and I’d love to include a piece from you if you’re interested, it doesn’t have to be anything new or finished to perfection, it could be ‘Pathological Anarchist: a case study’, as it is now (I can send you a link if you’ve lost it), but whatever it is it would have to work as a personal story. I really enjoyed Ludwig Binswanger Blurb I guess because you wrote almost conversationally before you were getting ready to give a workshop, and also Resistance to Coolness.

    Finally if you’d like rather than writing a whole article I have a question I can ask you and I could just include your answer in reply?

    Assuming existential psychoanalysis is still relevant to you, I wonder since you situate your pathologically anarchist psychology as outside the standard model pathology pumped out of the identity factory, whether you could go an extra step to say surface level happiness from having goals achieved, are less accessible in this society to the outsider/ pathological anarchist?

    In essence I’m asking whether or not you have the inherent desire to strive for the prizes on offer to those who work hard, if happiness is achieving our goals, the pathological anarchist has to be more creative if happiness is winning.
    What drives them necessarily needs to be trophy making, coming up with and deciphering what would make ourselves happy on our own terms, and finding new and novel avenues towards those ends. Finally in this way whether we will always be doomed to being cognizant of pulling the strings that hold up one’s own charade? Of delaying living for always seeing and choosing the option to perfect the rules of the game first and foremost.

    P.s. thought you might enjoy this article


    p.p.s if I could copy and paste your scanned art into the zine that would be fab too 🙂

    p.p.p.s feel free to ignore this post and have a nice day wherever you are 😛

  3. peter panarchy says:

    Yo squee, are you still involved with Free Rad Radio? If not, are you going to do a blog update on it?

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